CNA Classes: Your Ticket to a Nursing Career

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Isolated Doctor Dentist Dental Care OrthodBeing a CNA, an acronym that stands for certified nursing assistant, puts you in a prime position to have a long and productive career in the field of nursing. There are multiple advantages to becoming a CNA, but it is important that you have all the requisite skills and credentials to become one. The best way to get your career into a fast start is to take CNA classes. And the best place to get these classes in the state of Texas is with Consolidated Nursing Aide Training Institute.

For starters, why is becoming a CNA considered to be a hot career option in Texas and beyond? Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should choose to have a career in this industry.

  • Multiple career options – One of the incredible things about being a CNA is it opens you up to a multitude of career options. You can choose to use it as a springboard to a career in the currently booming nursing industry, or you can choose to follow other medical or caregiving fields. Being a CNA allows you to enjoy all these options and more
  • Flexible schedule – A certified nursing assistant has a highly flexible schedule. You can choose to work on jobs that fit your schedule so that you can do the other things you need to do. Some of those who passed our CNA classes actually had jobs or academics on the side. Whether you need to work part-time or full-time, you have an option.
  • Fulfilling career – One reason you should enroll in CNA classes in Houston, TX is because it provides a highly satisfying career opportunity. The starting paycheck for a nursing assistant is quite generous, and it only gets bigger as you progress up the ranks. At the same time, you get the satisfaction of taking care of real people.

Given the potential for growth, interesting opportunities, and generous pay, there are a lot of people who are considering to make the jump to become a nursing assistant. Are you asking yourself at the moment: are there CNA classes near me? This is where our program here at Consolidated Nursing Aide Training Institute comes into the picture. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us.

  • We offer classes all year round – We offer nursing assistant classes in the Houston area the whole year round. Regardless of the time of the year, you can contact 8us when you are ready and we will enlist you in a class as soon as possible.
  • Training only lasts 3 weeks – With our help, you can become a certified nursing assistant in as fast as 3 weeks. All you have to do is attend our classes from Monday to Friday. Weeks 1 and 2 lasts from 9am to 5pm, and week 3 is from 6am to 2pm. We will teach you everything you need to know as a nursing assistant, including onsite CPR training.
  • Certified by DADS – If you are looking for certified CNA classes in Houston, our program is the right one for you. We are certified by DADS, proof that our CNA classes meets all necessary criteria for competence.