Get Your CNA Certification in Houston

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get your cna certification

Want to enter the exciting and lucrative field of nursing?  You can get started now! Get certified to be a nursing assistant in Houston with this affordable training!

You can start working in hospitals, nursing homes or assisted living facilities and more once you have your CNA Certification. Being a CNA means you have the ability to work in many different facilities. Your passion can be turned into skills that allow you to truly help others and get paid to live your dreams.

There are many jobs for certified nurse assistants in Houston. There are always people who need your assistance whether they are sick or disabled. Your training is completed in two parts.

The first part of the program involves classroom learning and training. You will learn all about patient care through lectures, demonstrations and audio and video presentations. In the second part of the classroom training, you actually work with patients in healthcare facilities. Clinical training is supervised by RNs who are staff members of the school. This externship allows you to work alongside other aides and nurses.

When your clinical training is done, you are then able to take the Texas State CNA exam. Once you pass the exam, you can get started on your new career.

You have the ability to make a difference and you can do this for the lives of many people who are in need of nursing care in the state of Texas. Start now to embark on your certified nurse assistant training in Houston. If you are sure that this is the field for you, the training you need is waiting for you.