Philips IntelliVue MP5 bedside individual screen supplies workable det…

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Instinctive touchscreen simplifies the usage

Philips Intellivue MP5

The interface is made to enhance the exposure of individual information, making it very easy to

 utilize and

compatible with typical software, helping you concentrate on the person, not the display.

Wired and wireless networking supplies a data stream

Philips Intellivue MP20

The display links to the IntelliVue Clinical Network, which can extend the health center enterprise. You can manage patient care with the confidence that information will be communicated with speed.

Dynamic Wave area auto-sizes waves

Waves immediately adjust in size relative to the variety of waves set up.

Horizon Trends give context

IntelliVue MP5


High-resolution display screen alternative boosts the watching

Connect the display to a big-screen option with optional IntelliVue XDS software. This high-resolution bedside display screen permits you to see crucial patient information at a distance. An XDS remote-control lets you function comfortably.

Crucial dimensions to sustain educated choices

IntelliVue Guardian Early Warning Score on a spot-check display

MP5 Monitors

Help medical professionals in early recognition of refined indicators of individual wear and tear. The Early Warning Score is developed to assist in quick treatment to enhance patient care.

Flexible MX40 link with short-range radio

A straight split-screen screens Horizon Trend measurements listed below real-time waves to make inconsistencies obvious at a glimpse.

Connects to the IntelliVue MX40 by means of Short Range Radio for additional essential signs parameters and continuous monitoring with flexibility for sustaining high skill individuals.

ST Map to identify changes

Philips Intellivue MP40

This attribute collects ST values as well as trends acquired from the vertical (arm or leg leads) and horizontal (breast leads) aircraft right into an incorporated mind’s eye view. It can help medical professionals recognize ST changes and also their location in the heart much more easily.

ProtocolWatch to simplify evidence-based treatment

Streamlines sepsis care by continually inspecting monitoring info ProtocolWatch also generates a log that can be printed for documents and also high-quality renovation.

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